Friday, November 26, 2010

Pro Points

I'm one week into the Pro Points programme and I lost 1.3kg! I'm not exactly sure how I managed that since I ate so much but I did track every day (a miracle!!) and I am still doing so. I've been snacking on fruit quite a bit so can only assume this is why I lost so much - that plus my hormonal gain of the week before when I should've (according to my scales) lost .5kg.

Anyway, this was last night's dinner. It's the sweet potato, bacon & corn quiche from the December issue of WW magazine. A quarter is 6 Pro Points. Pretty good!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's been a while

My weight has been pretty steady for the past 2 months but I'm not particularly happy with that. We have a communal journal at our WW meeting so last week I decided to take it & track. I was really good for the first three days and then I had a weekend away sewing. I was all ready to have a scone for morning tea & count it when I discovered that the organiser had chosen the healthy option. So we had fruit for morning tea & yoghurt for afternoon tea. Bummer! But it helped me stay on track I suppose.

But of course we went out for dinner on the Saturday night. I was really good...I had fettucine in a tomato sauce with prawns, NO dessert, NO entree & just one piece of plain bread. Unfortunately though I drank a whole bottle of wine myself. :) Consequently I had a gain of .3kg. But I think that was mostly hormonal and I was pretty happy with that.

So this week we started the new ProPoints system. I was a bit dubious at first - especially when the on-line tracker showed beetroot as being worth 1 point! But then I discovered it depends which bit you read/use so now I fiddle it & count it as zero. I'm evil. So I've been eating and eating (can't believe how much you can eat on this new programme!) & finally the scales are pointing down. So I can't wait for the meeting to see if I've officially lost!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weigh in

Just a quick update to say I lost 1.3kg this week! Very happy with that and I wasn't really really good. I have to continue this week but with my birthday, it's gonna be hard.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

August was a complete disaster!

I've not been happy these past few weeks & have had 4 gains in 4 weeks. I now weigh 89.2 & I'm not happy about it. This is the same as I weighed this time last year which means I've been fiddling around for 12 months. So this week I've been pretty good so far. I've walked 3 out of 4 days but I still have a little late night eating going on which I need to reign in.

I've just had brunch (no pic) which was 1 piece of grain toast with 2 tblsp WW cottage cheese, 3 slices of WW bacon, 130g baked beans & some tomato. Very yum & only 4 points. Tonight's plan is Classic Beef Stew with Mash (5.5 pts) followed by Chocolate Self Saucing Puddings (3.5 pts) both from the Cook Tasty WW cookbook. I don't usually cook dessert as I'd rather use the points for something else but I know that my husband likes them so I thought I'd spoil him since it's Father's Day.

I have some challenges this month....first of all there's my birthday next Saturday. I'm going out for lunch with my mother and also another lunch with my WW pals. Ergh. Then the week after, I'm off to Ballarat for the Sewing Guild convention. A week of food that I have no control over. Plus alcohol! Then after that (as if that's not enough!!) I'm going to New Zealand for 5 days to visit a friend. Let's hope that September is not as bad as August.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tonight's dinner

I've really got my money's worth from that WW cookbook. Tonight's dinner was Curried Chicken Pie. I changed the WW recipe a little by only using 1 sheet of pastry & not bothering with the egg wash. Saved myself 2 pts. :)

Other recipes I've made from this book are Baked Pasta Frittata (yum), Beef & Lentil Lasagne (OK but I'm not a big mince fan anyway - the family loved it though), Classic Beef Stew with Mash (very yum) and Indian Style Chicken Curry (yum).

I went away to the Hunter Valley for the weekend last week and so gained 1kg at weigh in. Bummer! I haven't really been good this week either although have been great today. I had all intentions on Sat & Sun, only to discover that my husband had brought home chocolate & cake after a visit to his mother. Sigh.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

New WW cookbook

I bought the new WW cookbook this week, Cook Tasty. It has the recipe for the Shepherd's Pie from my last post in it. The recipes in the book look so good and don't appear to have any strange ingredients in them (thank goodness). So I planned my week's menus and have so far made 2 things from the book. No pics though.

I've made the Lasagne which was very nice. It could do with some vegies in it though and I have also made the Prawn Risotto. Now that was an interesting thing. It's made in the oven which I had my doubts about but I dutifully followed the recipe and as I suspected, the rice wasn't cooked in the time they said to have it in the oven. So I put it in for 10 more minutes...still not cooked. I added more liquid, gave it another 10 min....still not cooked. I was starting to get a bit shirty...gave it another 10 mins. No. Parts of it were OK but the rest was still crunchy. So I gave up, added the prawns & gave it another 10. The prawns weren't cooked!! The recipe says to cook the prawns for 5-7 mins. No chance! Another 10 mins and the prawns were done so I gave up and served it. It was still a tiny bit underdone but delicious. Next time, I'll make it on the stove top as I usually do.

I just hope the rest of the week's recipes will be easier than that!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Once again there's a big gap between my posts. I've actually lost a little bit and am now down to 86.8kg. I was 86.5 last week but let's not go there. This week, I'm being good. As good as I can that is. I'm just back from a 30min walk and it's my second walk this week which is pretty good for me.

I've come to the conclusion that this weight loss thing isn't a race and that it doesn't matter how long it takes long as I get there in the end. Gosh..that's deep & meaningful isn't it. LOL.

I made something new 2 nights ago. It's the Shepherd's Pie with sweet potato which was in the WW weekly booklet 2 weeks ago. Oh yummy yum yum. I was completely stuffed afterwards. It's very filling which is a damn fine thing. You want pics? OK then.

Here's how it looked before going into the oven.

And here's how it looked on my plate.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What happened to April????

April has been and gone and my blog remained update-less. Oh well. My weight wasn't doing much either so it doesn't really matter.

In the last 2 weeks I've lost a total of .5kg which doesn't sound much but it's pretty good for me. My leader has suggested that we email our trackers to her which is fabulous. It certainly keeps you honest and good. I was sooo good last week but only lost .2 which was a disappointment but this week I cracked the 87kg mark. Woot! This has given me motivation to continue.

I spent some time this afternoon planning this week's dinner menu. That's something I haven't done for a while. This is how it looks:

Wednesday: Curried prawns
Thursday: Chicken & Cashew stir fry - STGTBT Book 2
Friday: Oriental Pork - STGTBT Book 4
Saturday: McDonald's - I have a Seared Chicken Deluxe Burger without cheese, 6 points
Sunday: Tortilla Stack - STGTBT Book 3
Monday: Pork in Plum Sauce - an old WW recipe
Tuesday: Mongolian Lamb but it will be chicken - STGTBT Book 3

So onto today's pic........ this was tonight's dinner and very yum it was. Curried prawns from STGTBT Book 2. I made it exactly as the recipe except I added more vegies and omitted the chilli powder. I loved it! My DD said it was a bit spicey but still ate it so that's good. Other big news here this week was the purchase of a rice cooker. Fabulous!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy happy

I'm happy to report another loss this week. It was only .3kg but that's my 4th loss in a row! So my total loss for March is 1.7kg so I've made my goal this month (makes a change). It's happening very slowly but I'm not being 100% good so I only have myself to blame for that. However, I'm still happy to have the scales go down even if they're only going down .3 per week. A loss is a loss is a loss.

Last night's dinner (of which there is no pic) was the Zuccini slice from STGTGT Book 1. Divine! I worked out the points as 3 for 1/4 of the whole thing which is pretty good. Tonight's dinner is homemade pizza. I don't put any cheese on mine anymore. :) Also we're off to a concert tonight. My friend, me & our 2 daughters are all going to see Crowded House. Woot!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It seems to be a trend among my blog buddies at the moment. We're all faffing around not losing much. I actually did have a loss this week, half a kilo. I haven't been all that bad in the past few weeks but nothing was showing on the scales. Who can explain that? Anyway, this hopefully will give me a bit more motivation to continue.

In keeping with my last couple of posts, here is my dinner from tonight. It's based on Annette Sym's Chicken Homestead Pie from STGTBT book 4. I don't actually make my own pastry and I add lots more vegies than in the recipe. This one has mushrooms, shallots, capsicum, cauli, carrots & beans. The sauce is made with 4 sachets of cup-a-soup mixed with milk. When boiled, it thickens up beautifully & is pretty tasty. Tonight's was a mix of cream of mushie, spring veg & cream of chicken. 5 points is the total for 1/4 of the pie using reduced fat puff pastry.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My lunch

Here's a pic of my lunch today. It's brown rice, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, feta, chickpeas & balsamic dressing. Very yum & very filling. I've been a bit bored with my lunches lately so I'm trying to mix them up a bit. This recipe came from the March issue of WW magazine.

Last week I had a hormonal gain of .6 and this week I lost it again so I'm back to 87.8. The reason I didn't lose more was due to my late-night eating which again has become a problem. For the last 2 nights though, I've been good so am hoping for a loss this week too.

Monday, February 1, 2010


This was my dinner tonight. I made a couple of recipes from the February issue of the WW mag. The chicken lovely legs were marinaded in a mix of oil, garlic & herbs and then oven baked. Yum! The tomatoes are stuffed with rice, cream cheese, paprika, tomato and herbs. They were good but I think they'd be better with different cheese, maybe parmesan.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two posts in one day?

I was just playing around in Excel seeing what losing 1.5 kg per month would do to my weight by September & the end of the year. So then I thought, what would 2kg & 2.5kg per month do to the amounts? Well here is the result:

-1.5 per month-2 per month-2.5 per month
Today's weight87.887.887.8

Interesting isn't it? I can't believe the difference .5kg per month makes to my September total! If that's not motivating, I don't know what is. :)

I went to the meeting!

So this morning I got myself together & went to my WW meeting for the first time since 21st October. I wasn't expecting a loss - and by that, I mean a loss since last week cos I sure knew that I had lost since October! But I had a loss - .4kg which is pretty good considering the change from home to WW scales and wearing more clothes to weigh (you know; looking half decent in public! LOL). So I've now paid copious amounts of $$$ for 13 weeks. I didn't want to go the WW unlimited route cos my credit card is not looking very happy at the moment so I paid in advance. Yes, I know it costs me more but it's gone from my bank account & not accruing interest on my cc so probably doesn't cost me more at all.

Anyway, so my weight when I last attended WW was 90.4 and today is 87.8. Bring on 86!

Oh & one more thing.....this makes my total loss in January 1.5kg which was my mini goal. Woot!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reporting in

Thanks for your comments....I really appreciate them! I'm very happy to report that after reigning myself in last week I lost 1.1kg! Woot! I hardly ever lose more than .5 so to say I'm very happy is an understatement. All it took was tracking. Yep...I still did no was tracking that did it. Plus I have to say I wasn't 100% perfect (who is??) and still went over my pts allowance a couple of times. But the difference is, I went over with GOOD food. Like fruit. I've also discovered grape tomatoes and have been snacking on them. Oh so yummy!

Anyway, I just realised I haven't updated you all on the WW meeting situation. There was a huge development re my previous leader just before Christmas. One of my friends was the weigher at my meeting and she emailed my group of WW friends (another friend calls us the fat farm girls LOL) with the news. WW replaced our leader! You know...the one no one liked. The one that was not inspiring. The one who, basically, was a pain in the arse. The one we had been complaining about for months. My friend the weigher had also been telling WW that perhaps the leader wasn't the right fit with that meeting but was basically ignored. Well, they replaced her too! Bummer. However, the end to the story is that I am going back to that meeting next week. The replacement leader is someone we've had before so I know she's OK. Thank god is all I can say! Praise the lord!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Starting over

I've been MIA for a little while & re-thinking my situation. I haven't tracked for a month at least nor have I done any exercise except for 1 30 min walk on 6 Jan. Mind you, I haven't gained....only tiny I'm now at 89.3kg. Still under that dreaded 90! Gotta be happy with that.

However, I know that unless I get myself under control, that won't continue. I've gone back to that awful out of control late night eating. Ergh. I must get that under control or nothing will ever work. I'm travelling to the USA in September & while I really wanted to get to goal, I know now that I won't/can't. It's still 24kg away and I've only got 8 or 9 months. Actually probably only 7. So with that in mind, I thought what is the weight that I'd be happy with? So I'd like to be 75kg by then. Well, that's only 1.5kg a month. Surely I can do that????? How hard can that be? So yesterday, I started again. I ate 18.5 pts but still did no exercise. It's been really hot here in the past few days. Excuses, excuses.