Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy happy

I'm happy to report another loss this week. It was only .3kg but that's my 4th loss in a row! So my total loss for March is 1.7kg so I've made my goal this month (makes a change). It's happening very slowly but I'm not being 100% good so I only have myself to blame for that. However, I'm still happy to have the scales go down even if they're only going down .3 per week. A loss is a loss is a loss.

Last night's dinner (of which there is no pic) was the Zuccini slice from STGTGT Book 1. Divine! I worked out the points as 3 for 1/4 of the whole thing which is pretty good. Tonight's dinner is homemade pizza. I don't put any cheese on mine anymore. :) Also we're off to a concert tonight. My friend, me & our 2 daughters are all going to see Crowded House. Woot!

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