Saturday, July 31, 2010

New WW cookbook

I bought the new WW cookbook this week, Cook Tasty. It has the recipe for the Shepherd's Pie from my last post in it. The recipes in the book look so good and don't appear to have any strange ingredients in them (thank goodness). So I planned my week's menus and have so far made 2 things from the book. No pics though.

I've made the Lasagne which was very nice. It could do with some vegies in it though and I have also made the Prawn Risotto. Now that was an interesting thing. It's made in the oven which I had my doubts about but I dutifully followed the recipe and as I suspected, the rice wasn't cooked in the time they said to have it in the oven. So I put it in for 10 more minutes...still not cooked. I added more liquid, gave it another 10 min....still not cooked. I was starting to get a bit shirty...gave it another 10 mins. No. Parts of it were OK but the rest was still crunchy. So I gave up, added the prawns & gave it another 10. The prawns weren't cooked!! The recipe says to cook the prawns for 5-7 mins. No chance! Another 10 mins and the prawns were done so I gave up and served it. It was still a tiny bit underdone but delicious. Next time, I'll make it on the stove top as I usually do.

I just hope the rest of the week's recipes will be easier than that!

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  1. Alison - lovely to find your weight loss blog - I look forward to following it - it looks like you have done a great job so far!

    Now to get you to the gym...