Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well, the news wasn't as bad as I thought. Yes, I'm over the 100kg mark but only by 0.6kg. My naked pre-shower weigh this morning gave me an indication it would be more so I'm pretty happy about that. No doubt I will go under 100 next week.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well, it's been a while

It's been more than more than 12 months since I updated this blog. Unfortunately for me in that time, I've gained about 10kg. I'm not very happy with this state of affairs and it looks like I've gone back over the 100kg mark. I am SO not happy.

As much as I really don't want to, I've decided to re-join Weight Watchers. I need to. I can't do this by myself as much as I want to fool myself that I can. Obviously I can't. So tomorrow morning, I'll be heading to the meeting and a date with the scales. Not really looking forward to that.

I thought I might do a more low-carb approach with WW this time. I did dabble with lower carb meals late last year & the scales did record a slight downward motion without really much effort. But Christmas did me in and I haven't recovered. So it's back to the grindstone.

I will return tomorrow with the bad news.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pro Points

I'm one week into the Pro Points programme and I lost 1.3kg! I'm not exactly sure how I managed that since I ate so much but I did track every day (a miracle!!) and I am still doing so. I've been snacking on fruit quite a bit so can only assume this is why I lost so much - that plus my hormonal gain of the week before when I should've (according to my scales) lost .5kg.

Anyway, this was last night's dinner. It's the sweet potato, bacon & corn quiche from the December issue of WW magazine. A quarter is 6 Pro Points. Pretty good!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's been a while

My weight has been pretty steady for the past 2 months but I'm not particularly happy with that. We have a communal journal at our WW meeting so last week I decided to take it & track. I was really good for the first three days and then I had a weekend away sewing. I was all ready to have a scone for morning tea & count it when I discovered that the organiser had chosen the healthy option. So we had fruit for morning tea & yoghurt for afternoon tea. Bummer! But it helped me stay on track I suppose.

But of course we went out for dinner on the Saturday night. I was really good...I had fettucine in a tomato sauce with prawns, NO dessert, NO entree & just one piece of plain bread. Unfortunately though I drank a whole bottle of wine myself. :) Consequently I had a gain of .3kg. But I think that was mostly hormonal and I was pretty happy with that.

So this week we started the new ProPoints system. I was a bit dubious at first - especially when the on-line tracker showed beetroot as being worth 1 point! But then I discovered it depends which bit you read/use so now I fiddle it & count it as zero. I'm evil. So I've been eating and eating (can't believe how much you can eat on this new programme!) & finally the scales are pointing down. So I can't wait for the meeting to see if I've officially lost!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weigh in

Just a quick update to say I lost 1.3kg this week! Very happy with that and I wasn't really really good. I have to continue this week but with my birthday, it's gonna be hard.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

August was a complete disaster!

I've not been happy these past few weeks & have had 4 gains in 4 weeks. I now weigh 89.2 & I'm not happy about it. This is the same as I weighed this time last year which means I've been fiddling around for 12 months. So this week I've been pretty good so far. I've walked 3 out of 4 days but I still have a little late night eating going on which I need to reign in.

I've just had brunch (no pic) which was 1 piece of grain toast with 2 tblsp WW cottage cheese, 3 slices of WW bacon, 130g baked beans & some tomato. Very yum & only 4 points. Tonight's plan is Classic Beef Stew with Mash (5.5 pts) followed by Chocolate Self Saucing Puddings (3.5 pts) both from the Cook Tasty WW cookbook. I don't usually cook dessert as I'd rather use the points for something else but I know that my husband likes them so I thought I'd spoil him since it's Father's Day.

I have some challenges this month....first of all there's my birthday next Saturday. I'm going out for lunch with my mother and also another lunch with my WW pals. Ergh. Then the week after, I'm off to Ballarat for the Sewing Guild convention. A week of food that I have no control over. Plus alcohol! Then after that (as if that's not enough!!) I'm going to New Zealand for 5 days to visit a friend. Let's hope that September is not as bad as August.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tonight's dinner

I've really got my money's worth from that WW cookbook. Tonight's dinner was Curried Chicken Pie. I changed the WW recipe a little by only using 1 sheet of pastry & not bothering with the egg wash. Saved myself 2 pts. :)

Other recipes I've made from this book are Baked Pasta Frittata (yum), Beef & Lentil Lasagne (OK but I'm not a big mince fan anyway - the family loved it though), Classic Beef Stew with Mash (very yum) and Indian Style Chicken Curry (yum).

I went away to the Hunter Valley for the weekend last week and so gained 1kg at weigh in. Bummer! I haven't really been good this week either although have been great today. I had all intentions on Sat & Sun, only to discover that my husband had brought home chocolate & cake after a visit to his mother. Sigh.