Thursday, May 28, 2009

What the?

I only lost .2kg this week. I have no idea what is happening here...obviously the not walking is coming back to bite me. Oh well...I just need to keep going and get back to the walking. The weather here has been a bit rainy so has affected that. But, as my friend said, "you *can* walk in the rain you know"! Well..hello! So it was nice today..I did a 4km walk and so will continue on with that tomorrow.

Tonight's dinner was meant to be pork in plum sauce but I discovered at 5.30pm that we didn't have any plum sauce. Bugger! Luckily I have some frozen fish fillets which I will cook in the oven. The family can have chicken tenders and chips. Here I was thinking I was so organised with meal planning. So it always pays to have a stand-by in the freezer! There's always something to learn on this journey.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not that great a week

I gained 0.1kg this week. I knew I would so that just made me hungrier. Why does that happen? I haven't been walking very much in the past couple of weeks and it's finally caught up with me (as I knew it would eventually). So I have to get back into that and have done a 4.65km walk today & yesterday. I really need to do this to keep losing otherwise it's just a complete waste of time.

I also need to continue my menu planning. I haven't done it yet for this week. Last week's meals were all good and the family liked them so that's always a plus. I particularly liked the Oriental Pork which is a satay number and I also loved the Spicy Thai Fish which was a red curry but without any evaporated milk. It had spices and fish sauce and tomato paste..mmmmm! I will make that again this week. The beauty of that dish was that the family didn't have it so I could eat the whole thing (I divided the recipe of course). So I ended up with this plate full of fish and veg and yummy stuff plus half a cup of rice. Have I raved enough yet? LOL.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My weight is going down

I lost 0.9kg this week! Woot!! It's very strange because I haven't been doing my daily walks this week. I only walked 2 days out of 7 plus the 1 day of cycling so I'm not sure where that loss has come from. It seems that when I'm good I don't lose much but then I lose the week after.

I went for another bike ride this morning. I got a padded bike seat cover yesterday and my husband moved the bike seat up a bit. It seems to have done the trick and I'm much more comfortable although my bum was still hurting at the end. Oh yeah...the seat cover had moved and I didn't know LOL. I still can't work out the gear thing on the bike. I found gear 6 to be the best for the flat but I can't seem to do the small hills. I tried 1st gear but I might as well have not bothered. Geez, I wish I had my old back-pedal no-gear bike from when I was a child. Some lowlife stole it from our garage. Don't know why considering I had painted it lime green when I was 15 and it had blue grips and made a hell of a noise when riding it. It was second hand when I got it at 10 so god knows how old it was. But I miss it! Sniff.

We had the porcupine casserole for dinner and it was yummy. It could've done with a vegie or two though. I think some carrots and maybe even potatoes and I think I'll put it in the crockpot next time too. 4 stars for that one. Tonight is honey prawns and they are definately 5 stars.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things are going along nicely

Weigh in is tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty good even though I've only walked 2 days this week. Yesterday I got my daughter's bicycle out (mine is bigger and I don't feel comfortable on it) and rode it for 3kms. OMG! My bum is so sore and the muscles in my thighs are hurting. The seat was a bit low so my knees were scrunched under me and I can never work out this gear thing. Consequently, I couldn't go up any hills LOL.

Yesterday I did my menu planning for the next 10 days or so. Usually I do this on Wednesday but since I was doing the grocery shopping, I thought it might be an idea. So here is what's planned for our household this week.

Last night: Butter chicken and stuffed mushrooms from STGTBT Bks 4 & 3.
Tonight: Chicken Burgers (it's scrapbook class night for me so I need something quick and easy)
Wednesday: Pork in Plum Sauce
Thursday: Porcupine Casserole from STGTBT Bk 3. Everyone on the WW boards rave about this so I thought I'd try it.
Friday: Honey Prawns from STGTBT Bk 4. Had these last week and they are divine!
Saturday: McDonalds - I have a Lean Beef Burger and cook myself some Woolies Select oven fries
Sunday: Oriental Pork from STGTBT Bk 4
Monday: Thai Fish from STGTBT Bk 4
Tuesday: Subway

Those STGTBT books have been an absolute godsend for me. Everything I've tried so far has been so yummy and the family has loved them all. So I'm looking forward to the week's menu. I remember when I used to hate I'm loving it. Funny isn't it?