Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It seems to be a trend among my blog buddies at the moment. We're all faffing around not losing much. I actually did have a loss this week, half a kilo. I haven't been all that bad in the past few weeks but nothing was showing on the scales. Who can explain that? Anyway, this hopefully will give me a bit more motivation to continue.

In keeping with my last couple of posts, here is my dinner from tonight. It's based on Annette Sym's Chicken Homestead Pie from STGTBT book 4. I don't actually make my own pastry and I add lots more vegies than in the recipe. This one has mushrooms, shallots, capsicum, cauli, carrots & beans. The sauce is made with 4 sachets of cup-a-soup mixed with milk. When boiled, it thickens up beautifully & is pretty tasty. Tonight's was a mix of cream of mushie, spring veg & cream of chicken. 5 points is the total for 1/4 of the pie using reduced fat puff pastry.

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  1. Good to see you posting again . . . as you know I've been MIA too! Any loss is a good loss, so that's fab that you lost .5 this week. I liked seeing all the before pictures you've posted, btw. It really shows how far you've come . . . yahh, you! Are you cool with your trip being delayed or are you disappointed?
    I feel something has clicked with me. Have had 3 days of staying with in my (reduced, sob, sob) points and now I feel in control again. Hopefully I will be posting a loss too!

    Good to hear from you again, girl!