Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Damn hormonal weight gain!

I hate my hormones! After last week being reasonable and losing .4 to get back under 90kg, this week my body has decided it likes fluid & has given me that .4 back. Well, it was only .3 but still. After going away for the weekend, having dinner out & being good by selecting the grilled fish & vegies, I'm a bit annoyed. More so when I went out this morning to a parent/teacher thing, ate some fruit, had some water & came home. I then jumped back on the scales only to discover I was .4 LESS than earlier. Hmph. I could've cheated & changed my weight on-line but I figure that I wouldn't have been able to do that if I was at a meeting so I left it.

Now I have to suck it in & continue on. This week will be challenging because I'm going out to dinner tonight and to a party on Sat night. I always try to be good at parties but the sight of all that food sitting on a table sends my head into a spin & I just tuck on in. Ergh.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Going well so far this week

I'm very happy with how I'm going this week. I've clocked up 10,000 steps on my pedometer every day except for today. Today I'm sewing. I just made a Tshirt in a size 14! Now if any of you sew, you'll know that sewing pattern sizes mean nothing compared to RTW. But for me to get into a size 14 with minimum adjustments is a real motivator.

I've also been doing well with my eating. Tonight is a challenge though as our family traditionally have McDonalds for dinner. My DH goes out to the drive-through and brings the food back but last week we got the bad news that McD's have decided in their infinite wisdom to stop making the Lean Beef Burger. That's what I usually's 4.5 points and a good choice. Now they've got rid of it. I'm not happy. DH brought me home a Quarter Pounder last week!'s 11 pts. I won't be having that tonight so have told him to get food for himself & DD....I will have something else.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I just wanted to pop in & do a quick catch-up. Since being an on-line WW-er, I've lost the grand total of 300g. Yeah, not very good. I don't know what's going on but I'm only just getting back into my routine that was shattered when I went to Perth in September. So I've been really good for the past 3 days & am now working on the 'one day at a time' mentality.

To answer Tammy's question (well, it wasn't really a question but still), a kilo is equal to 2.2lbs so just multiply my weight or loss to get the imperial. My weight is currently 90.1kg which is around 198lbs. I don't think I like the pounds number much!! It's very big.

Anyway, this week will be better. I will take each day as it comes, trying to avoid snacking or changing my snacks from point snacks to carrots or fruit. I also need to stop eating after dinner which I have managed to do for 3 days. It's a key thing for me.