Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well...I've done it

I rang WW today & cancelled my unlimited membership. I've now changed to being an on-line member so I don't have to suffer that damn ww woman anymore. Yeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's like a load has been lifted. I've been a bit restless in the past few weeks. Couldn't concentrate on anything. I'd pick up my stitching, do 2 stitches & put it down. I'd prowl the house looking for food. I'd sit at my sewing machine and just look at it. I couldn't settle to anything. Let's hope that's all behind me now.

Today was a pretty good day food-wise except for the Baskin Robbins ice cream I had. 6 points! Ergh. So I tracked it and have gone over my pts today by a couple. But I have 2 pts on my pedometer. Tomorrow is another day & I must do my walk in the morning. I'll be out all day Sat so no walk there & Monday I'm going to a friend's breast cancer fund raising morning tea. I'm making a strawberry cake worth 14 pts per slice. I'm thinking I won't be eating any of it!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am so over my WW leader

I'm back from my trip to Perth & didn't weigh for 2 weeks. I finally bit the bullet this week & weighed in with a .6 gain. That's OK. However, our meeting on Wednesday was the most bizarre thing I've seen and I am so over this leader.

Our leader is reasonably new to our meeting. From the beginning she's been a rule stickler and the meeting has been fairly boring. We don't get much of a chance to interact - she always cuts people off. She lost me fairly early on in the piece when she said that she'd lost her 14kg & had never had a gain! Eye roll. How the heck could she ever know how people like me (with more than 30kg to lose) feel? Never had a gain? Crap. What a crock. Anyway, this week we had the new area manager & some other woman there. Then 2 other leaders came in & joined in on the meeting. They all knew each other but didn't sit together. Did they really expect us to think they were 'normal' members? But the biggest crock of all was our leader who was all sweetness & light & really played to them. I couldn't really work out what was going on. Usually when the area manager comes to the meeting, they sit up the back, don't contribute & take notes. This didn't happen here. The whole meeting was a complete waste of time for me. But then I'm finding that is happening a lot for me. I'm ready to find another meeting. Or do I really need a meeting at all? Maybe I should just leave WW altogether.

I'm not over losing weight. I'm still motivated. I just got myself together today to start over after pizza last  night LOL. But obviously it wasn't the meeting that helped me do that. So do I really need it?