Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I went to the meeting!

So this morning I got myself together & went to my WW meeting for the first time since 21st October. I wasn't expecting a loss - and by that, I mean a loss since last week cos I sure knew that I had lost since October! But I had a loss - .4kg which is pretty good considering the change from home to WW scales and wearing more clothes to weigh (you know; looking half decent in public! LOL). So I've now paid copious amounts of $$$ for 13 weeks. I didn't want to go the WW unlimited route cos my credit card is not looking very happy at the moment so I paid in advance. Yes, I know it costs me more but it's gone from my bank account & not accruing interest on my cc so probably doesn't cost me more at all.

Anyway, so my weight when I last attended WW was 90.4 and today is 87.8. Bring on 86!

Oh & one more thing.....this makes my total loss in January 1.5kg which was my mini goal. Woot!

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