Friday, February 12, 2010

My lunch

Here's a pic of my lunch today. It's brown rice, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, feta, chickpeas & balsamic dressing. Very yum & very filling. I've been a bit bored with my lunches lately so I'm trying to mix them up a bit. This recipe came from the March issue of WW magazine.

Last week I had a hormonal gain of .6 and this week I lost it again so I'm back to 87.8. The reason I didn't lose more was due to my late-night eating which again has become a problem. For the last 2 nights though, I've been good so am hoping for a loss this week too.

Monday, February 1, 2010


This was my dinner tonight. I made a couple of recipes from the February issue of the WW mag. The chicken lovely legs were marinaded in a mix of oil, garlic & herbs and then oven baked. Yum! The tomatoes are stuffed with rice, cream cheese, paprika, tomato and herbs. They were good but I think they'd be better with different cheese, maybe parmesan.