Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm under 90kg!

A loss of 1.1kg this week has got me under the 90kg mark. Woot! I haven't been particularly good in the past few weeks so this week I got stuck in, did my walking for 3 days plus my gym class. I had a strange sensation of not wanting to eat this week too. Hmm. Not sure where that's coming from LOL. But it all seems to have done the trick.

I also got fitted for a new very expensive bra this week! I ended up with a Panache Tango II bra , size...wait for it....12H! I was very surprised to be in a 12, but a H?? I didn't even know they existed. This bra is an amazing feat of engineering. Not only does it sit on my chest (which no other bra has ever done, even in my youth) but it squashes down the rolls under my arms. A miracle!

So I'm off on Sunday to Perth for the Australian Sewing Guild annual convention. Should be fun! I usually always lose weight at these mostly due to no snacking between meals so I'm pretty confident I'll not gain while I'm away. I've also mapped a 3km walk on and printed it out so I can take it with me. I'm hoping to walk every day. It's just the liquor at night I have to watch but I'm taking Tia Maria & will have that with diet coke. I think that's a better idea than wine for me. I'm also taking some fruit snack packs & WW cookies for morning tea so let's just hope my plans all work. See you all when I get back!