Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two posts in one day?

I was just playing around in Excel seeing what losing 1.5 kg per month would do to my weight by September & the end of the year. So then I thought, what would 2kg & 2.5kg per month do to the amounts? Well here is the result:

-1.5 per month-2 per month-2.5 per month
Today's weight87.887.887.8

Interesting isn't it? I can't believe the difference .5kg per month makes to my September total! If that's not motivating, I don't know what is. :)

I went to the meeting!

So this morning I got myself together & went to my WW meeting for the first time since 21st October. I wasn't expecting a loss - and by that, I mean a loss since last week cos I sure knew that I had lost since October! But I had a loss - .4kg which is pretty good considering the change from home to WW scales and wearing more clothes to weigh (you know; looking half decent in public! LOL). So I've now paid copious amounts of $$$ for 13 weeks. I didn't want to go the WW unlimited route cos my credit card is not looking very happy at the moment so I paid in advance. Yes, I know it costs me more but it's gone from my bank account & not accruing interest on my cc so probably doesn't cost me more at all.

Anyway, so my weight when I last attended WW was 90.4 and today is 87.8. Bring on 86!

Oh & one more thing.....this makes my total loss in January 1.5kg which was my mini goal. Woot!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reporting in

Thanks for your comments....I really appreciate them! I'm very happy to report that after reigning myself in last week I lost 1.1kg! Woot! I hardly ever lose more than .5 so to say I'm very happy is an understatement. All it took was tracking. Yep...I still did no was tracking that did it. Plus I have to say I wasn't 100% perfect (who is??) and still went over my pts allowance a couple of times. But the difference is, I went over with GOOD food. Like fruit. I've also discovered grape tomatoes and have been snacking on them. Oh so yummy!

Anyway, I just realised I haven't updated you all on the WW meeting situation. There was a huge development re my previous leader just before Christmas. One of my friends was the weigher at my meeting and she emailed my group of WW friends (another friend calls us the fat farm girls LOL) with the news. WW replaced our leader! You know...the one no one liked. The one that was not inspiring. The one who, basically, was a pain in the arse. The one we had been complaining about for months. My friend the weigher had also been telling WW that perhaps the leader wasn't the right fit with that meeting but was basically ignored. Well, they replaced her too! Bummer. However, the end to the story is that I am going back to that meeting next week. The replacement leader is someone we've had before so I know she's OK. Thank god is all I can say! Praise the lord!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Starting over

I've been MIA for a little while & re-thinking my situation. I haven't tracked for a month at least nor have I done any exercise except for 1 30 min walk on 6 Jan. Mind you, I haven't gained....only tiny I'm now at 89.3kg. Still under that dreaded 90! Gotta be happy with that.

However, I know that unless I get myself under control, that won't continue. I've gone back to that awful out of control late night eating. Ergh. I must get that under control or nothing will ever work. I'm travelling to the USA in September & while I really wanted to get to goal, I know now that I won't/can't. It's still 24kg away and I've only got 8 or 9 months. Actually probably only 7. So with that in mind, I thought what is the weight that I'd be happy with? So I'd like to be 75kg by then. Well, that's only 1.5kg a month. Surely I can do that????? How hard can that be? So yesterday, I started again. I ate 18.5 pts but still did no exercise. It's been really hot here in the past few days. Excuses, excuses.