Monday, August 16, 2010

Tonight's dinner

I've really got my money's worth from that WW cookbook. Tonight's dinner was Curried Chicken Pie. I changed the WW recipe a little by only using 1 sheet of pastry & not bothering with the egg wash. Saved myself 2 pts. :)

Other recipes I've made from this book are Baked Pasta Frittata (yum), Beef & Lentil Lasagne (OK but I'm not a big mince fan anyway - the family loved it though), Classic Beef Stew with Mash (very yum) and Indian Style Chicken Curry (yum).

I went away to the Hunter Valley for the weekend last week and so gained 1kg at weigh in. Bummer! I haven't really been good this week either although have been great today. I had all intentions on Sat & Sun, only to discover that my husband had brought home chocolate & cake after a visit to his mother. Sigh.