Thursday, April 30, 2009

I had a loss!

Wow...after my gain last week, I had a loss of 1.4kg this week. This makes a total loss of 7.1kg and I'm one happy woman. I walked every day this week for 4km and will continue this. It's funny though...I've had no loss at all in my measurements this week. Obviously it's either one or the other! LOL.

According to Map My Run, these are my April stats.

Kilometres walked: 88.18km
Kilojoules burnt: 16,740
Days walked: 26 out of 30
Weight lost: 1.8kg

I also bought one of those Nike sensors for my iPod yesterday. After calibrating it correctly, I used it this morning for my 4km walk. It was fabulous! It tells you when you've reached each kilometre and tells you when you're halfway through and then counts down until the end. I haven't tried the other options which are a timed workout or a calorie burning workout. I'm not sure if the calorie burning thing is accurate because according to this morning's workout, I burned 418 calories. Map My Run said I burned 748kj and that's equal to 187 calories. Not sure what the story is there.

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