Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A gain this week

Bugger...I gained 0.5kg this week. I wasn't overly surprised as my scales at home hadn't indicated a loss plus I changed my clothes this week. I usually wear a sleeveless lightweight dress but the weather is changing a bit now so I wore lightweight black pants & a T-shirt. These will be my weigh-in clothes for the rest of autumn/winter. LOL.

Anyway, I went for my 4km walk today. I was determined to do it and managed to clock it in 50 mins so got 3.5 pts for that. I needed those pts as I had a chicken schnitzel turkish bread for lunch! I counted that baby as 10.5 pts. Egad!

We had really yummy smoked salmon patties from the STGTBT book 5 for dinner. I borrowed all five books from my BF and just happened to have all the ingredients for this. I had my two patties with some beans and 3 raw carrots. DH & DD had 5 patties each!! Everybody loved them so that's always good.

So I shall continue my 4km walks for the rest of this week and see how I improve. Hope everyone is going well.

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  1. Your gain could be because of your clothes. I know that my friend goes to Healthy Inspirations and they take 1 kilo off for clothes from the number because that is the average. That is the pain from going from Summer to Autum/Winter. I am have the same problem today for my weigh in as I have been wearing lighter pants and they are three quarter and now I am wearing long pants arghhh. Hope your 4km walk went well.