Monday, April 20, 2009


I just decided to do a quick check of my measurements. Normally I do this on Wednesday (my weigh in day) but I was curious. Nothing seems to be happening with the scales this week but, oh my waist has dropped another 1.5cm in the past week! I've been doing this exercise thing quite seriously since April 1st and I've lost 4.5cm off my waist, 5cm off my bust and 3cm off my hips in that time! That's amazing considering before that, I'd only lost 4cm off my waist between January & March! Obviously the exercise is working. So even if I don't lose much or stay the same this week, I'm pretty happy with that.

Here are my updated stats:

Weight: 98.8 - total loss of 6.2kg
Bust: 115.5cm - total loss of 11.5cm
Waist: 106.5cm - total loss of 8.5cm
Hips: 124cm - total loss of 11cm.

No wonder the track pants I put on this weekend were big on me!

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