Thursday, May 28, 2009

What the?

I only lost .2kg this week. I have no idea what is happening here...obviously the not walking is coming back to bite me. Oh well...I just need to keep going and get back to the walking. The weather here has been a bit rainy so has affected that. But, as my friend said, "you *can* walk in the rain you know"! Well..hello! So it was nice today..I did a 4km walk and so will continue on with that tomorrow.

Tonight's dinner was meant to be pork in plum sauce but I discovered at 5.30pm that we didn't have any plum sauce. Bugger! Luckily I have some frozen fish fillets which I will cook in the oven. The family can have chicken tenders and chips. Here I was thinking I was so organised with meal planning. So it always pays to have a stand-by in the freezer! There's always something to learn on this journey.

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