Friday, May 15, 2009

My weight is going down

I lost 0.9kg this week! Woot!! It's very strange because I haven't been doing my daily walks this week. I only walked 2 days out of 7 plus the 1 day of cycling so I'm not sure where that loss has come from. It seems that when I'm good I don't lose much but then I lose the week after.

I went for another bike ride this morning. I got a padded bike seat cover yesterday and my husband moved the bike seat up a bit. It seems to have done the trick and I'm much more comfortable although my bum was still hurting at the end. Oh yeah...the seat cover had moved and I didn't know LOL. I still can't work out the gear thing on the bike. I found gear 6 to be the best for the flat but I can't seem to do the small hills. I tried 1st gear but I might as well have not bothered. Geez, I wish I had my old back-pedal no-gear bike from when I was a child. Some lowlife stole it from our garage. Don't know why considering I had painted it lime green when I was 15 and it had blue grips and made a hell of a noise when riding it. It was second hand when I got it at 10 so god knows how old it was. But I miss it! Sniff.

We had the porcupine casserole for dinner and it was yummy. It could've done with a vegie or two though. I think some carrots and maybe even potatoes and I think I'll put it in the crockpot next time too. 4 stars for that one. Tonight is honey prawns and they are definately 5 stars.

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  1. WTG on your loss, Alison! I'm trying the Butter Chicken tonight. I'll definitely have to try the Honey Prawns as well. :)