Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another loss

I lost .7kg this week which brings my total to 9.1kg lost. I'm quite happy with that even though I went over my pts on a couple of days this week. I did a Blast class yesterday which was a bit of a shock to the system. But I'm really surprised that I'm only aching a little bit in my biceps. I thought it would be much worse!

Highlights of last week's menus included Seafood Chowder (a big hit!) and Tacos. Both from the STGTBT cook books which I use almost exclusively for my dinners.

I only walked 3 times last week and had an epiphany. I don't need to go harder or faster or more often. Walking faster than I am now won't give me any more pts to eat so I've decided I will walk every two days for 40 minutes. Otherwise I get too obsessive about it & feel guilty if I don't go. So that's my plan. I'm also hoping to do the Blast class each week on a Tuesday morning.

In other big news...I bought some new Tshirts yesterday. The ones I'm currently wearing (which are size 22) are very baggy & annoying so I thought I'd see if I could fit into something a little smaller. Well...duh...size 18! I bought three Tshirts from Big W - one purple, one aqua and one turquoise. I don't like spending huge amounts of money on clothes when I can sew them myself and also cos they're only going to fit me for a little while. These Ts are $15 so a complete bargain.

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