Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not that great a week

I gained 0.1kg this week. I knew I would so that just made me hungrier. Why does that happen? I haven't been walking very much in the past couple of weeks and it's finally caught up with me (as I knew it would eventually). So I have to get back into that and have done a 4.65km walk today & yesterday. I really need to do this to keep losing otherwise it's just a complete waste of time.

I also need to continue my menu planning. I haven't done it yet for this week. Last week's meals were all good and the family liked them so that's always a plus. I particularly liked the Oriental Pork which is a satay number and I also loved the Spicy Thai Fish which was a red curry but without any evaporated milk. It had spices and fish sauce and tomato paste..mmmmm! I will make that again this week. The beauty of that dish was that the family didn't have it so I could eat the whole thing (I divided the recipe of course). So I ended up with this plate full of fish and veg and yummy stuff plus half a cup of rice. Have I raved enough yet? LOL.

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  1. 100 grams is nothing. I'm sure you lose that plus even more next week. :)

    BTW, I really enjoyed the Butter Chicken. I did have a bit of a mishap when cooking it though. I was right in the middle of browning the chicken & onions when the earthquake hit. The onions ended up getting a bit brown because I forgot to stir them in my haste to duck & cover. LOL