Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A gain

Poo! I had a gain of .6 this week. I knew I would gain but I didn't think it would be that bad. So I need to get back on track, both with my points consumption and my exercise. Last week I went over my points practically every day and on Saturday I went to the Lindt cafe in Sydney with some friends. Well let me just say that chocolate cake & dark Lindt hot chocolate is not conducive to a weight loss. Not to mention the Quarter Pounder I had on Sunday! So I will put that all behind me & start again.

I was hoping to get a WW pedometer today but wouldn't you know it, our meeting had none. Bugger. So my mother is going to see if she can get one at her meeting tomorrow. It would be very handy when I'm out shopping so I can get some extra points. I'm currently on 20 points & I find it's not enough so I really need to exercise to get some extras.

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