Saturday, December 19, 2009

Phew....not over 90!

Big sigh of relief here when I stepped on the scales on Wednesday. 89.4 thank goodness. I only gained .6 so that was fabulous. I was very lucky! So this week my goal has been to track. And I have...except on Thursday night. All had been ticking along nicely on was really hot here in Sydney...40C and a hot wind blowing and I had plans of putting on the crock pot. Well I totally forgot so arrived home to no dinner. Bugger! Normally I would chuck some fish & wedges in the oven but it was just tooooo hot for that so we had sandwiches. Which then gave me the green light to continue eating. Ergh.

Anyway, I am back in control now (Saturday) and the scales are co-operating. I still haven't done any exercise but I think getting my eating under control is more important right now and I will work on the exercise after Christmas.

I have to mention part of our dinner last night. We had the Beef Pie out of the WW Secrets of Success cookbook but that wasn't the good bit. I had purchased baby capsicums a week ago thinking I'd seen a recipe for stuffed capsicums. Well I had but it wasn't what I wanted so I used a STGTBT recipe from book 3. She does stuffed mushrooms (& I've made them & they're good!) so I used that recipe for the caps. Oh yum! They were gorgeous. Red caps are so sweet & yummy baked in the oven. Let me recommend it to everyone. I think they were around 1 pt each.

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  1. Oh I must hunt down that recipe - I love Annette Sym's books! Well done on remaining under 90kgs - that's a good feeling isn't it! And good for you on focussing on one thing at a time, sadly I learnt the hard way recently of trying to do everything at once and fell in a screaming heap.