Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another loss this week of .2kg. That makes a total of 13kg lost and I'm very happy. I just did my measurements and have lost quite a bit from my bust in the past month. I want those puppies to get below 100cm before the end of September. Then I will get myself a new bra cos I'm very overdue for one!!

Here are my pics. On the left is Oct last year when I weighed at least 104kg and on the right is today, at 92kg. Can you see any difference (well, besides my hair LOL)??

I've also done my menu planning for the week and it looks like this:
Wednesday: Ingham Chicken Medallions & oven fries
Thursday: Pork Strog from my new WW cookbook, Secrets of Success
Friday: Beef Pie from the WW cookbook
Saturday: McD's - I always have a lean beef burger and oven fries cooked at home
Sunday: Butter Chicken from the WW cookbook
Monday: Pizza Pasta Bake from STGTBT
Tuesday: Oriental Pork from STGTBT Book 4

Exercise plan is a 4km walk on Friday, Sunday & Monday. Blast class on Tuesday. Thursday and probably Saturday will be spent at the craft fair here in Sydney so I'll wear my pedometer and see how many pts I get from walking all day.


  1. Can I tell a difference?! Girlfriend, please! You look A.MAZ.ING!!!! I may not recognize you next year when we see each other. LOL

  2. Yes I certainly can tell a difference--and I love the hair too! Well done, you! And great work planning your menu and exercise for the week too. FOr me this journey is more about organization than willpower (and it doesn't come easily, for me, alas). When I'm organized I just feel like I can be successful.

    Thanks so much for putting me on to Tonight I walked 5.6km!! Feeling very virtuous. Also, I am definitely going to get an ipod. Love the talking book idea, so thanks for that too.

    Keep up the good work. You're looking amazing!

  3. You are doing AMAZING keep up the good work!!